Before Your Surgery

The patient is responsible to obtain the necessary authorization for the procedure. You will need the procedure codes and ICD 10 code (practice will provide) to obtain the authorization. Inform the practice of the authorization number 1 week prior to your procedure for the theatre booking to be done.

The patient is not allowed to drive after the procedure. Please arrange with someone to pick you up from the hospital.

If the patient gets sick (flu, coughing, fever, etc.) please phone the practice for possible cancellation of the procedure. Please take note that the time of your procedure may change at any time during the day. Do not make any other arrangements or appointments for your day of theatre.

Please contact the practice after the hospital discharge to book a follow-up appointment or procedure.

The consent must be signed before the procedure otherwise no procedure can be performed.




Testing for covid-19 infection must be done for all patients undergoing planned surgery. Because of the amount of covid-19 testing, the laboratories are under extreme pressure to provide results timeously. Therefore testing must be conducted 48 hours before the planned admission and before 10:00. Self-quarantine is mandatory from the time of testing until actual admission.

Take note: Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and for your own safety, your procedure may be canceled on short notice. Your procedure may also be rescheduled for another date and another hospital. The practice appreciates your understanding in this matter, as these circumstances are beyond the control of the practice.


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